About the Friedman Diabetes Institute

Diabetes is among the most common health conditions in the United States today. Over 20 million Americans have diabetes and many of these people have yet to be diagnosed. In New York City alone, nearly one in ten adults have diabetes and it is the fifth most common cause of death.

Beth Israel Medical Center opened the Gerald J. Friedman Diabetes Institute in Spring 2007 to address the growing diabetes epidemic. In addition to supporting research on diabetes, the Friedman Diabetes Institute offers a variety of methods to help patients with diabetes manage their disease and avoid serious problems.

Our Mission

The mission of the Gerald J. Friedman Diabetes Institute at Beth Israel Medical Center is to provide the highest quality comprehensive diabetes care; to raise public awareness of the needs of people with diabetes; to conduct research in diabetes; and to provide education for people with diabetes and their families, as well as for the general public and medical professionals.

  Our mission is best summarized by the acronym C A R E

      C are of patients

      A wareness of their needs

      R esearch into causes and mechanism of diabetes

      E ducation of patients, the general public, and health professionals about diabetes

The goal of these activities is to provide better management of the disease, prevent complications, and achieve optimal health.

Clinical Services

Clinical services offered at the Friedman Diabetes Institute include:

  Individual or group education series that focus on:
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Basic nutrition and meal planning
  • Medications
  • Prevention of sudden (acute) complications
  • Prevention of long-term (chronic) complications
  • Insulin Pump Training
  • Program for children with diabetes
  • Education for pregnant women with diabetes
  Support Groups
  • Monthly meetings of people with type 1 diabetes
  • Monthly meetings of people with type 2 diabetes

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Our Website Editorial Board Includes:

Leonid Poretsky, MD
Chief, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism
Director, Gerald J. Friedman Diabetes Institute
Gerald J. Friedman Chair in Endocrinology
Professor of Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Beth Israel Medical Center

Gerald Bernstein, MD
Director, Diabetes Management Program

Marina Krymskaya, MS, ANP, CDE
Assistant Director, Friedman Diabetes institute